Lost City Marathon

22 Feb 2025

Race Information

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Here you will find all the important practical information about the race, such as rules and regulations, training, timing, race day support, clothing, weather and more. If you don’t find the answer you’re seeking, feel free to contact us with your question.

Topics are arranged in alphabetical order.

Clothing & Weather

February is one of the driest months in Mexico, with hot weather and pleasant water temperatures. You can expect an average daily high around 27°C (80°F). Its one of the more popular months to visit, where its not too hot with little to no chance of rain.

Shorts and T-shirt/singlet may be the preferred outfit for most, but some may also like long tights and sleeves to avoid ticks when running through the jungle.

Cut-off Times

Runners have a net time limit of 8 hours, meaning any marathon runner spending more than 8 hours on the route will receive an FNT (Finished No Time) on the results list.

8 hours after the last runner crossed the start line the race will end and runners still on the route will be picked up by race officials and driven back to the finish area.


The Lost City Marathon features two distances: 

Full marathon - 42.195km/26.2mi

Half marathon - 21.1km/13.1mi

Distance Change

It is possible to change distance at the race briefing the day before the race.
Distance change can of course also be done before by contacting us with your request.

Change of distance is NOT PERMITTED on Race Day and anyone running another distance than what he/she is registered for will not be included in the results list. 


Full marathon runners must be at least 18 years old on race day.

Half marathon runners must be at least 16 years old on race day.

Fauna and insect encounters

When running in the mountains and forests surrounding Palenque you may be lucky to spot scarlet macaws, tucans, and howler monkeys. The chance though, is that most wildlife will run or fly away and hide when they hear the runners approaching.
Should you be so lucky to spot howler monkeys in the tree tops keep in mind that these monkeys are cheeky and known for throwing smaller branches, nuts and similar at humans stopping to stare.
The route will cross some plains where caddle may be grazing. Running straight in to a group of animals is never a good idea, but walking by them is harmless.

The mountains around Palenque do have ticks (Ixodidae) and all runners are advised to check themselves after finishing the race.
To minimize the risk of ticks catching on to your body you can consider running in long tights, long socks and long sleeves, but shaving legs will also reduce the chances of ticks catching on.
Runners with long hair should consider to tie it up and/or use a cap and bug spray with DEET will also help.

Finish area

Both the marathon and half marathon finish at La Chiapaneca restaurant where a snack lunch and a soft drink will be served.
It will be possible to hang out in the finish area and use the pool (bring your own towel) and shuttle busses will take runners back to Palenque town throughout the day.

Spectators are welcome but will have to pay if they want lunch and drinks as well as if they want to go with the shuttle bus back to town.

Goodie Bag

Runners will receive the goodie bag with start number and race t-shirt at the race briefing Friday.

Medical Team

On race day, a team of English-speaking Danish doctors and Mexican paramedics will provide medical assistance to runners in need. The medical team reserves the right to remove any runner who is deemed unable to complete the race. Please note that all decisions made by the medical team or race officials are final.

Doctors and race officials will be positioned along, and move in and out of, the route, but will not be able to monitor all parts at all times. We kindly ask all runners to look out for each other and report to race officials, water stations or doctors if you see a fellow runner in need of help.

If you take daily medicine prescribed by your physician or need any other medication, please inform the race doctors in advance by writing to info@albatros-adventure.com

Personal Belongings

It is possible to deposit bags with personal belongings in the starting area. These belongings will be transported to the finish area.

Although the finish area will be manned, depositing personal belongings in the area is entirely each runner’s responsibility and the marathon organizers are not responsible for loss or damage of personal belongings.

Prizes and Awards

All finishers receive a medal. A small, symbolic prize is given to the winners of both distances for men and women. Please note that there is no prize money.

Race Officials Disclaimer

The race officials reserve the right to change the course and other aspects of the race without advance notice.

Please note that all decisions made by the race officials and/or medical team are final.

By signing up for this event you agree to the Terms & Conditions of Albatros Adventure Marathons™️.

Registration Deadlines

Registration closes on 20 January 2025.

Please note that this race has limited capacity, so first come first serve.

Route info

Where the route turns into single trails we kindly ask that you communicate with each other if you wish to pass a runner in front af you and equally make space for runners coming from behind.

Note that the route is not closed off to the public. Please respect locals and watch out for traffic when running on/near the streets.

Route Map & Elevation Profile

For information on the marathon and half-marathon routes, start and finish line, drink stations and other course-related information, see Route & Elevation.

Rules & Regulations

Top Finishers: The top three male and female finishers of all distances are the first three to physically cross the finish line after completing the entire course regardless of their net time.

Gear: Nordic walking and trekking poles are not allowed.

Strollers are not allowed.

The use of headphones or earplugs of any kind is not allowed for the first 3 kilometers of the race. This is due to the fact that the trails do get narrow and difficult at places and the need to be able to communicate with your fellow runners is essential. Headphones and earplugs are discouraged throughout the race, but especially when running on the forest trails in the mountains.


The Lost City Marathon will be started in waves, with the first wave setting off at 07:00 in the morning.
The number of waves to follow depends on the final number of runners. Keep in mind everyone have an 8 hour NET time limit to finish. 

Time Taking & Results

The Lost City Marathon will be timed with timing chip.

All runners will receive one bib number that must be worn during the race. It must be attached to the front of your body and readable - both for safety and for photography purposes. The bib numbers are color-coded according to the distance you are running: 
- Full marathon bibs - "Maya Red"
- Half-marathon - "Maya Yellow"

The results will be published shortly after the race is finished.

Transfer to the start

Busses will bring all spectators from their hotels to the start in the morning. The start area will only be open to the official race busses. No other vehicles will be allowed access.

Water stations

Manned water stations will be on the route and in the finish area. Water and electrolyte drink is served at all stations.

The collapsible cup in the Goodiebag is your personal cup for race day and must be used at all water stations during the race. The cup is easily folded and kept in your pocket. There's no cups at the stations meaning: No cup = no drinks.

It is also allowed to wear a camel bag or bring a cup or bottle of your own choice.

We ask for your patience at the water stations and please keep distance and form a line if necessary to avoid grouping around the stations.