Lost City Marathon

22 Feb 2025

Misol-Ha & Agua Azul waterfalls

Spend the day visiting two of the most impressive waterfalls in Mexico.
25 Feb | 5.5 hours | 85 USD

If you are a fan of waterfalls you should not miss this excellent excursion to two of Mexico's best - the Misol-Ha and the Agua Azul.

The Misol-Ha is a single drop 35 meter high waterfall that plunges into a circular crystal-clear pool surrounded by lush vegetation. A boardwalk will bring you safely behind the waterfalls, giving you a spectacular and awe-inspiring view.

Agua Azul, meaning "Blue Water" consist of several smaller falls and pools. The water is famous for its very clear and turqouise blue color.

Lunch is included in the excursion.
We recommend that you bring good footwear (no flip flops) as it can be a little muddy around the falls.