22 Feb 2025

Lost City Marathon

22 Feb 2025

Follow the footsteps of the Maya

Take in the colors, flavors, and rhythms of México's most interesting corners.

The Lost City Marathon kicks off from the ancient Maya city of Palenque, México.

The race features both a marathon and a half marathon. The awe-inspiring route follows jungle trails, majestic rivers, picturesque ranches and small villages. It's a challenging race crossing various surfaces and steep hills. 

Palenque is nestled in the dense rainforests of the Chiapas region on the Yucatan peninsula, surrounded by lush vegetation and breathtaking beauty.

It provides a fascinating glimpse into the religious and cultural practices of the Maya people which thrived in this once vibrant and powerful city, famous for its well preserved and impressive architecture of the Maya civilization. It has now been recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site for its historical and cultural significance. 

A rich birdlife and howler monkeys dominate the jungle and in the open plains hundreds of species of butterflies live. 

Only 10% of this magnificent city has been fully discovered. Lets embark on this adventure together! 



Race distances

Take on the challenging marathon course crossing rivers and mountains
or enjoy the somewhat flatter, but still scenic half marathon.


Full Marathon
42.2 km
Half Marathon
21.1 km


Both distances are run the same day and start and finish at the same place.

Just select your preferred distance when booking.

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[...] echoing to a dawn chorus of howler monkeys and parrots, the mighty Maya temples of Palenque are one of the best examples of Maya architecture in all of Mexico.

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